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When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.

“When opportunity comes, its’ too late to prepare” – John Wooden. A year ago, I tied my identity to working in higher education, (career doesn’t define you, your idea of success should!) The opportunity came , but I wasn’t prepared in the ways that mattered. Luckily, I am still here. You know, “The blog” is all about sharing lessons , paving the gravel for someone else to have an easier journey.

Here is how you can be prepared for the opportunity that awaits you:

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Visualize = Materialize

Be Specific

When manifesting, use specificity in vocalizing your desires. You want more than just a “good job”, you should be able to visualize yourself in a specific department, have a rough mental draft of what your day-to-day would look like ideally and the pay you demand should not be bent to make employers comfortable. Do you want an office or a cubicle? What about a window view? Working in this simulation is difficult, let’s just be frank about it. In being specific, ask yourself what perks do you desire? A remote position? Frequent company dinners? A position close to home for the sake of a short commute? Pay , pay is perhaps the biggest pitfall I’ve had in the past. Never take what is offered. Negotiate, but have the leverage to do so. Are you bilingual? Have you pursued a certification or secondary degree? Do you have years of experience? Justify it, but demand the absolute best for yourself in terms of pay. (Every job position has a pay range!)


Be Quiet, baby.

If you’re a parent or had the perturbance of being a public-school educator as I have, you know that kids love encouragement, praise and gratification. I remember my mom posting my HORRID art on the fridge, beaming with pride at my efforts as I thought of the next thing I could do to garner her gratification. Adults are essentially, really tall children. You may have a tendency, as I do, to announce things you are working on out of excitement. You accomplish something very important to you, but your praise alone isn’t enough – s o m e o n e else has to know!

Checking my likes every 5 minutes after posting something I will just delete anyways…

You’ve heard someone say it in some variation – “silence is golden”. Live by that. Those close to you will be a part of the journey – improving themselves right along side you. Guard your dreams, ideas or patents – they’re precious and although intangible, they can be taken from you.


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  2. I love this! Bottom line is to know your worth and add taxes to that!!! Great article!

  3. I love this! Point is to know your worth and then add taxes to that! Great article!

    1. my heart is so warm from your support. thank you 🙂


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