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“What’s Wrong?” – The Question We HATE to Answer (Written by Zachariah Pugh)

We have another amazing featured blog, this time from my dear friend, Zach! Enjoy this wonderful, thought-provoking post and comment below if you enjoyed the read as much as I did. 🙂


I want to first start this blog out with a nod to the creator of the brand BreeziDeezi. Bri, you have created a platform that has inspired me in every way. Never forget your spark -for it is the light in so many people around you! I love you bestie.

– Zachariah Pugh

What’s wrong?

You may find this blog to be an enigma of thoughts and feelings. I mean, essentially, that’s what a piece of literature is supposed to be. Yet, what makes these thoughts puzzling is the very organ that we consider to be the powerhouse of the human body. The brain is one of the most complex and least understood organs in our body, yet without it essentially the body fails to live. If you’ve ever felt like me, there are days you wish you could take a break from the dull complexity of the mind and just exist but unfortunately, we learn to just coexist with being “mind fucked, to say the least…

Do you hate the question “What’s wrong?” Usually, this inquiry derives from someone who sees a change in your posture or someone who notices a fluctuation in your mood. Most times, it is a question of genuine concern. In other times, the imposed question is just an expression of that person’s annoyance toward your perceived “attitude”.


The Question we hate

Either way, if you are like me, then you totally hate the question: “What’s Wrong?” Honestly, it is a difficult question to answer and most times you can’t even pinpoint what the issue is.  Your mind is house full happiness, love, and joy, but it is also a host to anger, confusion and darkness. It is the negative traits that linger, casting a shadow over positivity and as a result, you often find yourself in a place you don’t want to be.

Everyone’s brain processes differently.

This is what my process looks like.

“I’m walking thought this valley of darkness, savagely fighting every evil thought that comes to mind. Eventually, I reach a plateau of relief where there’s love, light and happiness and then suddenly I fall into a deep pit of despair, and then I’m back navigating my way through that dark valley.” 

This is quite common in the average person, who has experienced the unfortunate truths of this experience we call life. Certain experiences will send you down a rabbit-hole that is quite the opposite of Alice’s Wonderland.

How To Answer the question we hate…

There are tools you can use to manage the confusion, feelings of being overwhelmed and desire to isolate. Meditation, yoga, and therapy are just a few. For me personally, its a morning cup of coffee and a challenging Sudoku puzzle. Although, the mind seems to be a place of uncontrolled thoughts, we must remember that we have the power to harness those thoughts.

I’m from Texas and the Rodeo is a staple of entertainment for us. Think of your brain as a wild bull and you’re the cowboy riding it back down to calm posture. Tell yourself positive affirmations. A sticky note pad literally costs pennies (in this economy we are lucky for that). Grab a pack and write away. 

You are the light to your dark path”. “Smile for it is medicine for the soul” or from one of my favorite movies, The Help “You is smart, You is kind, You is in important”. 


Don’t be afraid to notify your loved ones that sometimes, asking “what’s wrong?” is a question that only worsens the process of navigating through the labyrinth of our thoughts and emotions. Calmly remind them that your process has nothing to do with something being wrong. Lastly, show them that nothing is wrong by taking accountability for a negative projection and adjust. ” – Written by Zachariah Pugh


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4 responses to ““What’s Wrong?” – The Question We HATE to Answer (Written by Zachariah Pugh)”

  1. Love it! I can relate in so many ways to this post. I get asked “What’s wrong” often because I tend to let what I’m going through show on my face. Zach thanks for this thought provoking post. Well said!

  2. The writer of this post hit the nail on the head! He is right, sometimes asking “what’s wrong” can worsen the person’s thoughts and feelings. For example, when I am going through something emotional and someone ask “what’s wrong”, I tend to break down in tears and then those emotions overwhelm me all over again. But it is only natural to ask someone what is wrong when they appear to be sad or not themselves. This article has taught me that I may need to take a new approach to those who seems to be going through something without asking them “what is wrong”. Thank you for the great post Zach!

    1. on behalf of him, you are very welcome !!!

  3. Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.


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