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Watch Your Face.

You may be extremely confused by the title of this blog. You may even think that my grammar is at a deficit. There are no typos here, just at the title says, we’ll discuss what it means and how to do it. No mirror required, only your mind.

We aren’t always aware of how we appear to others.

To “watch your face”, is to be aware of your facial expressions in any given environment. This is applicable to work, home, the grocery store, gas station and everything in between. Our facial expressions can be invitations or deterrents. Have you had a coworker constantly ask if you were okay or overwhelmed? Something about your facial expression, perhaps that furrowed brow, is a cause of concern for those you share space and time with.

Likewise, you may have a friend or colleague that always appears to be happy and eager to engage in conversation. Realistically, no one is always happy. Yet, we can all find some good in our days, in our lives, to keep in mind – as a buffer for the facial expressions we present to the world.

Sandwich Positive Thoughts

To “sandwich”, by my definition, is to sprinkle a good thought in your mind at all times, when around others. This can look like any of the following scenarios:

  • You are completely confused by a work or school assignment 🙁 but, your peer’s dedication to helping you is the highlight 🙂 .
  • You’re around someone with an anxious or rushed spirit, and it’s a bit disruptive to how you feel 🙁 but, you are proud of how hard they are working to progress in life 🙂 .
  • Your friend or partner has let you down in some way 🙁 but, you prioritize forgiveness and take into account that no one is perfect, including yourself. 🙂

Good thoughts, show on our faces. A positive facial expression is inviting to others and welcomes opportunity.

You know the saying, “it takes more muscles to frown”? It’s true… I’d choose “laugh-lines” over wrinkles any day.

Personal Experiences

As someone who is fluent in American Sign Language, I’ve been taught to over-express. In the first year of learning, my professors would tell me that I wasn’t expressive enough – my face would often be blank as I tried to understand this new language. I now work at my alum and encountered one of my favorite, deaf professors. I was so excited to see him and tell him we were now coworkers. He complimented me on my expressiveness! Our conversation was filling and rewarding.

To the contrary, I’ve been in deep thought at times, failing to be present because I am thinking about what is next. This has led to people making assumptions that I am upset, unfriendly or that I do not like them, when the truth is just that I am anxious and busy. I’ve had work relationships severed irrevocably, in my last role, as a result. Well, there were other factors, such as my preference to keep my personal life private, but I’m sure that if I smiled more and showed myself friendly, those work relationships would have survived if only for a little while longer. While the assumptions of others are not necessarily my concern, I do value presentation and mystery.

I have to work at “watching my face” everyday. This message, as with every other blog, is for the reader as well as the messenger. How do you keep an inviting facial expression no matter what? What advice would you give to others?


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5 responses to “Watch Your Face.”

  1. in my day they call it “fix your face” lol. but what you’re saying is so true “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”, so we must think good things & not bad.
    Although we can’t control a situation, we can control how we react & a responsible reaction/demeanor/facial expression/etc. gives us power over the situation/trials we face

    *you’re the best Breezi! 🙂

    1. This comment made me smile. You said it perfectly , reactions are something we can control. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I hope you enjoy the content enough to subscribe!

  2. Facial expressions tells it all! Yes message is for the messenger first🥰 I’m going to “Watch My Face.” Another great post! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s not as easy as it sounds ! Thanks for reading 🥰 I truly value your support

  3. Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!


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