Want a gift?

The time, space and peace I’ve been granted, albeit through painful circumstance, is fermenting a deep-rooted seed of creativity, confidence and purpose.

Blossom, baby !

It’s a gift, to be in the present. So why, do we – myself included, choose to replay the past and construct the future so much?

Stop harming your psyche, turn away from anxiety.

The past is done, you can replay it but you can’t change it, you know – like your favorite show you stream repeatedly as if you’ve never seen it before?

The future, is unwritten. No matter what story you construct about the future, chances are – the reality will be totally different.

So, “how about now?” *Drake Voice*

Grounding Yourself

For anyone experiencing anxiety, you are your own worse critic. Also know, that you can’t believe every thought you have. But, what about what others say? Me, God – I tend to take things so personally.

“If you judge people (including yourself), you have no time to love them.


“You were passive while advising a student!” – My supervisor

My thoughts: “She’s right, I am passive. I am void of emotion. I am incapable. I should just apologize”.

My reality: “I am dealing with grief and a huge workload, I wasn’t passive, I did my job and chose not to invade the student’s personal life. However, if the student chose to open up to me, I would have listened fully.”

Actionables For The Anxious

To stay grounded in the present moment, I try this (and you should to):

  • Sort through the blame – do you believe your version of events, theirs or both?
  • What was your role in whatever went wrong in the past and whatever plagues you about the future?
  • How can you be better? Remember, you can only control yourself. You can not control what others do.

Life isn’t a Netflix series, you shouldn’t be rewatching old episodes. Instead, create new arcs in the present moment. Also, worry less about how the show will end in future seasons. It’s a gift, to be in the present.

Be kind to yourself and others, if not for any reason, for Karma.

It is a gift, to be in the present.



7 responses to “Want a gift?”

  1. Love it! I always enjoy reading your posts. Always interesting and encouraging ♥️

  2. You are an amazing writer! Love your posts. Always a good read, interesting and encouraging! Keep them coming♥️

    1. Appreciate the time you dedicate to reading my posts!! happy to encourage !

  3. Beautifully said! I am loving your content!

    1. Thank you so very much, my heart is so warm from your support. 🙂

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  5. […] lifestyle. Routine and structure to our daily lives is something we often seek and then complain […]


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