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The Rewards of Self-Investment

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Good Morning or Afternoon, BreeziDeezi readers, entrepreneurs and students! BreeziDeezi is a play on my birth name but it is also an approach to life, career, passions and the pursuit thereof.


I am writing this blog from a familiar campus, where I have returned in a new and completely exciting role! The job offer was unexpected, I literally applied, and went through several rounds of interviews lacking confidence. *Meanwhile, my family and friends were telling me that I’d gotten it, and that several rounds of interviews were a good sign, still – it was hard for me to believe…

The offer came, and it’s better than I strategically asked for! (Read this blog on manifesting and strategic vision).

After spending the entire Summer of 2022 in therapy, realizing what my family and friends said were words of meaning and faith, I feel worthy of such an offer. There’s a lot to learn about this role, but that intrigues me. The rewards of self-investment are plentiful.

Please note: I am not trying to convince anyone to seek therapy, go to church or run in the hot Houston sun. However you choose to, self-investment is encouraged. There are many ways to invest in yourself, (reading and applying the information is one!). Only you know what areas need to be filled in your life and what holes should be plugged in your self-esteem.


The Rewards of self-Investment

  • C O N F I D E N C E .

You can build your confidence in a number of ways. Personally, working out every morning, telling myself positive things every time I walk by a mirror, and as mentioned at the start of this blog, going after opportunities that seem out of my scope, have built my confidence. Try to spend less time on others – your partner or social media – and dedicate that time to yourself and your confidence. You may love reality tv, but does it make you more confident? It likely does not. Use your time wisely, spend more time learning about how to care for your hair, practice Spanish or your language of choice, study, maintain a clean dwelling – confidence is one of the best rewards of self-investment.

  • New S K I L L S. Better K N O W L E D G E.
S + K + I + L (2) + S = M O N E Y

Self-Investors are life-long learners. You do not have to enrolled in college to learn a new skill , new language or take a course. There are so many reputable paths to learning. Khan Academy, my savior for math. Chegg, a great resource for literature. SkillShare , a platform where you can take a course on pretty much anything. Duolingo, an amazing mobile app that teaches many languages and taught me some basics of Arabic. Just waiting for them to add American Sign Language!! Look into these resources and mention others in the comments, to help us all, continue to invest in ourselves and build our skills. Skills should be monetized… 🙂

  • Helping Others, becomes E A S I E R and E N J O Y A B L E.
To be confident as a result of investing in yourself, is to be KIND to others.

You’ve minimized the toxic relationships in your life, unhealthy habits and as a result, generosity is second nature. Let’s be frank – not everyone cares to invest in themselves or even how to learn to. You shouldn’t always bring fish to the hungry, they should learn to fish. Beware of boundaries; it’s not the role of the self-investor to save others. Shine your brightest light and be generous in moments that YOU want to be, not because someone asked or delivered a sob story. To give, is to be blessed.

  • Better Present, Better F U T U R E.
The future is always relevant.

My little cousin, who I see as a little sister because our connection to my grandmother, is preparing for her senior year of high school. I am sure that I am the most annoying person for her to be around, because I am always reminding her that what she does now, shapes the future she desires to have in University. The same sentiment applies to us all. Better Present, Better Future. If you choose to invest in yourself by working out now, in the future, you’ll have more endurance and better health overall. If you choose to study now, when it’s time to test, you’ll feel more confident and have more knowledge to display. If you invest in yourself by setting boundaries with toxic friends, family or even the person you lay beside every night, you are setting yourself up for a better future.


4 responses to “The Rewards of Self-Investment”

  1. Susan Merz Anderson Avatar
    Susan Merz Anderson

    LUCKY them and BRILLIANT YOU Bri!! :):):)

    Susan Merz Anderson 250-825-4321

    1. Thank you! All the best to your!

  2. Another great encouraging read! I’m happy for your success. You are an example of consistency, hard work and confidence. Blessings! Thanks for always willing to share and encourage others.

    1. We are all capable , sharing gives me purpose. I’m flattered that you see me as an example !


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