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The Importance of A Designated Work Space | Anxiety Edition

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Anxiety is so distracting! One minute, you’re focused on what is before you. The next, several thoughts have invaded your mind, competing for space. What’s the remedy for this when remote work requires tunnel vision? A designated workspace.

Less Distractions = Clear Thoughts

Personally, I try to escape my racing thoughts in healthy and unhealthy ways (Therapy is contionnous work, not a cure). When I am extremely anxious, I may stop work altogether, and end up at the wine-rack in my kitchen. This creates a cycle of anxiety related to productivity or my lack thereof. Here are suggestions from my wonderful therapist, which I sometimes use and other times, I forget to, which is okay.

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  • Do not work in front of a TV. Have a designated workspace that faces the wall.
  • Prepare your space and keep it prepared, with the things you need to stay focused. (I personally need a mini-heater for comfort and because I am often cold, but I also know my affinity for heaters and heating pads is totally related to anxiety).
  • Do not eat at your workspace, or just sit there for breaks. It is for work only.
  • Have at least one “fun” item in your space. A pen that writes well, an adjustable lamp, or an array of highlighters. While these aren’t things you’d consider fun while not working, they just may keep you engaged while you are.

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