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The Confidence to Q U I T.

I abhor the dentist. The drills, scalpels, scrubs and god-awful crocs, the needles… Yet, I am here for the second time this month, stacking pillars in my confidence.

Bring on the anesthesia…

Confidence is Key, Brilliance Opens Doors.

– Me

If you are a reader of BreeiDeezi, you are likely ambitious , gifted in a sense and striving for better in a few life arenas. Those that love you, those that you confide in – likely fill you with confidence to keep going, but I am here to give you the confidence to q u i t.


Why Confidence Matters

The world is superficial. People judge us based on appearance.

Life is but a S C A M …

Encourage yourself to tend to those things you’ve neglected. It is not for the sake of your partner, to land a partner, not for the digital fame imposed by artificial social media – Self-improvement in regards to appearance should be because you want to the be the best version of you.

When you are confident in what you present to the world (your appearance), that trickles into other arenas of your life.


The Confidence to quit

We are always changing, evolving, growing and unfortunately, conforming. In our growth, things that were once so solid, can become misaligned. So, what happens when you start to hate what you sought out or accepted? The Job, The Partner, The Apartment

One thing I tell myself in moments in frustration, is – “I have chosen all of my obstacles. I am responsible for my resolve”.

This affirmation, gives me the confidence to Q U I T.

  • Your reasons for change must always be positive. If you are driven by hatred of your (current job, partner, location, ect…) you will make bad, hasty choices. The alternative, is poor presentation and as your efforts fail, self-doubt will pile up you will begin to be filled with negativity.
  • Seek Clarity. I encourage you to bail out of your current burning vehicle, place your feet on some soft ground and spend a little Me-time with a compass and a map figuring out where you want to go next. When you are ready, your efforts will be filled with positive energy and thus be likely to be more successful, more quickly.
  • Do you really need whatever you’re holding on to? Personally, I’ve learned that I don’t need the things or people that I once tried so hard to keep. I stifled myself, my wishes, gave up personal time, cohabitated before marriage, considered kids – Things I said I would N E V E R do, just to hold on to someone who was awaiting their exit. I didn’t NEED them, I just thought I did. The same applies with jobs! In this video, I talk about how I left public education. At the time, I had very little savings and no plan or prospects, but I Q U I T for the sake of my mental health. I survived for an entire year after this with no job. Doors were opened for me, opportunities presented – and I realized, I didn’t NEED this job, I just thought I did!

Confidence is palpable, build your confidence in yourself and by proxy, the confidence to quit anything and anyone who makes you unhappy.

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7 responses to “The Confidence to Q U I T.”

  1. I love this! The confirmation is real and the extended peace with knowing to stay confident on your path and trusting the decisions you’re making for your good health and benefit is always worth it. Amazing my dear friend!

    1. I smiled so hard reading this comment 🙂 thank you for reading and supporting !

  2. This was so encouraging. Very interesting read! Love it!

  3. I always enjoy your post. Keep them coming! Love it!

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  5. I agree with your point of view, your article has given me a lot of help and benefited me a lot. Thanks. Hope you continue to write such excellent articles.

  6. Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!


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