The concept of school (college)

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Kanye West “All Falls Down” lyrics from The College Dropout album

Two men walk into a dealership.

They both, want to buy the same new vehicle.

One man, is a college graduate, on a set salary of 65K per year. He believes that his job , a result of his college degree, finances his comfort.

The other man, a hardworker with only a high school education, has no set salary…

Yet both men , are eyeing the same prize.

Is one man more entitled than the other?


The concept of school , is exciting. Most parents want their child to go to college, graduate, and make money in a career they love.

The concept of school , is secure. College graduates are expected to have life planned and figured out. The reality, however, is that many college students and graduates are insecure about their career prospects.

Unsure? you’re not alone…

Despite having two degrees, I have never gone to college with true, clear purpose in mind. My undergraduate degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in African American Studies was a result of feeling stifled in my hometown of Beaumont, Texas and using college as my way out. My Masters Degree , A MBA (Masters in Business Administration) with an emphasis in Marketing, was a result of choosing an online program that was easy to get into for the sake of going to graduate school immediately after undergrad , while working, to not waste time (funny how that worked out).

Rushing important things in your life IS a waste of time …

To plan and prepare for school , is a foreign concept to many.

I believe, that the concept of school is a concept of a linear path , a smooth ride to making money, and that misconception can create a mess that you may not want to clean up.

In all that you do, especially pursuing education on any level, focus on what you want to be your outcome , not the concept.



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