The 6ix Pillars of High Self-Esteem

A weak pillar can not support it’s structure.

Pillars lift and support structures by their own strength and solid foundation. Here are six pillars of high self-esteem, to lift and support YOU.

I. Practice Living In The Present

  • Be thankful.
  • Be aware of surroundings and the feelings of others.
  • Focus more on how far you have come, vs. where you are going next.

II. Practice Self-Acceptance

  • Improve what you can change, accept what you can not.

III. Practice Self-Responsibility

  • Do not be a perpetual victim. If there is something wrong in your life, how did you contribute to that?

IV. Practice Self-Assertiveness

  • Stay Grounded.
  • Do not change your beliefs under pressure, you will hate yourself for it later.
  • Do not half-ass anything in your life.

V. Practice Living Purposely

  • Find your niche’, find your passion. Working a misaligned, dead-end job will almost always, affect self-esteem.

VI. Practice Personal Integrity

  • Your morals, above all, always. If you do something that is against your morals the voice in your head will be harsh, affecting your self-esteem.
Build the pillars of your self-esteem and watch them stand tall, no matter the forecast.

4 responses to “The 6ix Pillars of High Self-Esteem”

  1. Enjoyed reading the 6 Pilar’s of High Self Esteem. Food for thought. Very thought provoking. Gives me a lot to think on and work on. Thanks for sharing! Great Read!♥️

    1. So glad you can take something away from this, we ALL have much to work on!!

  2. […] Please note: I am not trying to convince anyone to seek therapy, go to church or run in the hot Houston sun. However you choose to, self-investment is encouraged. There are many ways to invest in yourself, (reading and applying the information is one!). Only you know what areas need to be filled in your life and what holes should be plugged in your self-esteem. […]


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