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Swimming in the Unknown

kid wearing swim trunks swimming on a pool

Have you ever been blind-sighted by a situation? God, it is gutting. The regret and the anger mesh together and rational thoughts dissipate.

Have you ever realized that although you were blind-sighted, you are relieved? It could be the loss of a friend, relationship, or job. When we experience loss, we often feel lost. Later, reflection shows all of the positives of the circumstance.

If you are swimming in the unknown, (I personally am as I write this), please, continue reading for some encouragement on what to do, when you don’t know what to do.

kid wearing swim trunks swimming on a pool
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What To Do, When You Don’t Know What To DO:

  • Accept. The serenity prayer says it best. “God, grant me the Serenity To accept the things I cannot change“. Accept what has changed in your circumstances and accept what you could have done better. As mentioned in this blog, it is better to take control and ownership, than to place blame on external factors. Identify that you are lost and have no idea what is next. This allows you to accept where you are and to surrender to the plan for your life.

  • REST. We can be in a haste to replace what we lost with something bigger and better! The reality is that clarity and rest lead us to the best decisions. Take some time to digest what has happened, journal, or talk about the unknown with those you trust. When we rush to replace, we miss important blind-spots. (read this blog!) Pause for a bit. Regardless of what has happened, you need time for yourself and a clear mind before you can move forward.

  • Take Inventory. The unknown is a blank canvas of possibilities. So, you’re not sure of your next step? Well, not every artist sketches before they paint. Try to look at all the new possibilities before you. Perhaps, you have more time now for yourself or your interests. Also, take inventory of the skills or characteristics you possess that will move you forward. Regardless of the situation that has blind-sighted you, there are things no one can take from you. What’s in your inventory? A passion for service? A degree or two? Savings, so that you can take time to readjust? I pray that your inventory is stocked for a season of unknown, we all experience this.

  • Connect. Tap into the best network for your situation. Rejected from a career path or academic program? Connect with those that have success in that area. Unsure of how to find yourself again after a breakup? Connect with a therapist and most importantly, spend time with yourself. These are just a couple of examples, however, if you are unsure of your next move, there is always someone you can connect with that has experience and a trusted opinion. Additionally, you should connect with yourself. How did you end up here, unsure of what is next? Did you give too much of yourself to a job or person that never had your best interest? What signs did you miss before the door on your past, ultimately closed, leaving you wondering what is next?

As always, I appreciate feedback on if this blog, or any of my other blogs, helped you. Stay fearless, stay #BreeziDeezi. It all works out in the end, a reminder for us all.


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