Support is a Circle of Karma

As I type this, my heart is so full. 

Full of appreciation, Full of thanks, Full of confusion

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How has my very non-linear path led me to this place, where people I don’t know are blessing me in ways I never could fathom?

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Fear has governed so many of my choices in life.

I was scared as HELL !!!

Until this year, when fear “met me at the door” and motivated me to make changes.

Knock Knock. Who’s there? 2020, with ALL OF MY WORST FEARS!
  • Every new year, I would pray that my Momo would not die that year. 2020 took my Momo and Papa.
  • I feared getting COVID and/or fired from teaching public education daily. So, I left. That created a new list of fears:
  • How will I maintain my lifestyle? It’s not one of luxury but the most security I have ever felt in my entire life. What about the fear of failure in employing myself with no blueprint as to how to do so?
  • I am offending people by speaking my truth, but that is the mission of BreeziDeezi , operate in truth and don’t fear . Yet, It bothers me so much because my intention is to encourage and inspire, not offend.
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This is a difficult season (chile, who knew a season could last an entire year).

However, I am learning that support is a circle of Karma, and we are all sewing some AMAZING seeds in supporting others.

  • has so much support and is growing daily! No exaggeration. I have at least 1 new sub a day. An introvert, with a Texas accent and a lisp. I can’t believe how supported I am on Youtube. In return, I sub back to everyone that subs to me, even if they don’t create content, yet…
  • I’ve lost many friends over the years as we grew apart, some family as our outlooks differed too much, but the people I have in my life right now are placed there by God. It’s so evident. Examples: I need legal advice, I have a friend in law school. I need headshots for branding, I have a friend that is an amazing photographer. I need to rebuild this website, I have a friend sharing their resource so that I can. I am more than eager to pay all of these people their worth and more, and to have them in my life as friends before, during and after this season, I know that I have exactly the right people around me at this time.
  • I document any donation to this site and it is placed in a fund that will be used to pay for the redesign, for every person that has donated ANY amount, thank you! Again, I could not fathom this level of support even a few months ago…

When this season is over, as I know it will be, I am so eager to change roles to be the giver.

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In adopting a BreeziDeezi outlook to life, I encourage to support others from your heart. Support with your prayers for others. Support those offended by your confidence by directing them to re-evaluate what makes them happy. Support by listening to your friend’s ideas without offering suggestions. Support your relative that has an amazing talent by encouraging them.

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Support is a circle of karma.



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  1. Yes support is very important and encouraging.

  2. […] you pray to or what you share. We all appreciate the feeling of helping others. To give, is to help yourself also. You are filling your heart when you fill someone […]


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