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Study Tips for Anyone!

Learning is a life-long journey. Whether you are preparing for a new semester or teaching yourself a new skill, here are some tips to make studying effective, less draining and BreeziDeezi !

This picture is cute but so not ideal 😀 we all know studying can look like a cluttered, hot mess!

Stop Reading. Start Reciting.

There are few things more boring than having someone read a power-point or book to me. After a while, all of the words run together and begin to sound like Spongebob under the sea. Reading is not studying! You must actively engage in the material, to retain information.


Stop reading the content you are trying to absorb and start reciting, to yourself, your puppy, your partner – whoever will listen. I firmly believe that the best indicator of mastery, is the ability to teach. 😉

Setting, Matters.

Sis is TOO comfortable in this photo. She probably fell asleep after this photo 😀

This is a given, your study setting, or study environment, is extremely important. Where do you focus best? Read that again. Where do you FOCUS best, not where can you multi-task best. In my career, I engage with eager collage students every day. During our appointments, some of them are multi-tasking , pulling out their laptops – and they miss vital information. I can almost always bet on an email later asking for clarification, which I don’t mind, because I absolutely love what I do. However, who can you ask for clarification when you’re teaching yourself? When your attention is divided among several tasks, your retention suffers.


Study in environments that provide the necessary comforts you enjoy, such as coffee, silence or reasonable temperature. Study at TIMES that you are your peak self. Morning person? That’s when you should be studying. Prefer to work-out in the afternoon? Perhaps an evening study session, while you’re still full of endorphins, is a better fit for you.

Also, don’t be afraid to switch up your setting. Having a variety of places where you can study effectively creates flexibility for times where you’re too comfortable in one place (bed..) , or your favorite coffee shop is closed.

Use ALL of Your Resources!

It doesn’t matter how many resources you have , if you aren’t using them effectively – or at all- you may as well have none.

If you can afford tutoring, invest in yourself and secure a trustworthy tutor.


If your coworker has completed the same license you’re pursuing, talk to them about how they managed their time, sharing their materials and any tips they may have.


Take advantage of online resources, such as CourseHero, Skillshare, and Youtube University! Seek, and you’ll find. The internet is far too vast for there not to be an answer to your problem, insight on your topic, and advice to make your learning journey, BreeziDeezi.


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5 responses to “Study Tips for Anyone!”

  1. Thanks so much for these tips. I’m currently studying for my LPC exam and these tips are very helpful! Greatly appreciate it♥️

    1. Happy to share, we are all trying to improve in some way – at least, we should be ! You WILL pass your exam, claim it.

      1. Yes I will! Thank you❤️

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