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As a child, I knew of soul-ties. It was taught to me via my religious upbringing and almost weaponized as a punishment of premarital relations. As many before me and as those that even taught me this notion, I didn’t truly learn about soul-ties until experiencing it for myself.

In friendship, soul-ties can exist. I’d gone through so many life-changing events with my two dear friends, Dari and Zach, that distance was no match for our love for one another and our reconnection (in a geographical sense), has been the most beautiful chapter of 2022 for me.

Bonds are a part of this thing called life. It’s up to you, to ensure they are healthy.

In my most recent and serious relationship, even during “great” times, I continued to consult God and my guiding spirit, Momo, on if this bond was healthy and able to withstand so many differences among us. This angered my invasive partner, who would question why my Youtube search history or my diary had anything related to soul-ties. Deep down, I knew our tie was unhealthy, and feared that he preferred me to stay blind to that. Still, when the cord was violently ripped apart, I found myself feeling sad and alone – a for sure side effect of a soul-tie, an unhealthy one.

YOU allocate how much power you give to others. Anyone that promotes you to not question, to not follow your intuition, is not an healthy person to be bonded to.

What is a Soul-Tie?

A soul-tie is not God’s punishment for dating. In my opinion, it is a deep connection with another person. It can be particularly cemented by premarital relations. Sex, does not have to be involved to foster a soul-tie either. In the christian religion, the notion is that when two people marry, cohabitate or copulate, they become one. I don’t subscribe to this belief system anymore, it is that thinking that made me feel incomplete when friendships and relationships would collapse. You are not half of yourself, or at least you shouldn’t be, in any relationship.

When you feel that you are incomplete with someone else, you may be tied up…

What YOU should know:

  • You are a whole person. You’re an individual who has goals, interests and dislikes that are all your own, aside from anyone else. 1 + 1 = 2, do not subscribe to the idea that 1/2 + 1/2 = 1. Two, is always better than one.

  • Life has so many options. Experiencing heartbreak? If you’ve lived enough life, this heartbreak likely isn’t your first. You’ve healed past failed friendships and betrayal before, you’ll heal past broken promises again. Perhaps, the universe is making room for something NEW. Allow it.

  • You can give yourself closure. Revisit memories without romanticizing them (yes, replay the bad times… the moments where you felt suffocated or unheard, too) and think about if you really want to foster an attachment to those feelings.

What you Can do: (To break an unhealthy connection)

Some people say Mantras, some say Affirmations… Whatever your preference, try to recite this affirmation I crafted and say everyday. It has been so helpful.

To the soul of my friend/ex, (name, optional), I wish you all of the best. I wish you peace, I wish you happiness and healing. But, I do not want to be tied to you anymore or ever again. I release myself. I release you. 


It is okay to ask for help beyond family and friends, as their lenses can be a bit clouded by knowing us personally. Therapy is an amazing tool for perspective, self-investment and growth.

To severing soul-ties and living wholly,




5 responses to “Soul-Ties.”

  1. I love it. Yes soul ties are REAL, whether love interest, friend or acquaintances. We can be tied to someone or even something that what give our soul, body, mind and spirit too. I’m glad you reiterated that it does not have to be sexual soul ties only. You are so intelligent and I love reading what your knowledge. Thanks for this because we all deal with soul ties one way or another♥️

    1. Your comment is so true, I was hoping every reader could find this to be relatable. THANK you for supporting !!!

      1. Always! You’re welcome♥️

  2. This is a very touchy but needed to be discussed subject because soul ties are very real! I have learned throughout the years that you don’t need anyone but God to make you whole or complete because you are not a half a person (unless you are without God in your life), but you are complete and a companion only adds to your completion. Like the song says, “you are good all by yourself, but a force when there is two together”, however, I don’t believe in another person making you better, but I believe that they can change the way you think and act whether good or bad because influences are real (negative or positive)! I loved this article!

    1. Say that !!! I wish more people knew it is possible to be whole on your OWN. I forgot that while in a relationship. Being whole attracts others that are whole! I really appreciate your input !


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