Side Hustle Saturday Ch. 9 – Blogging $

What side hustle could Y O U do that would immediately make you a published creator and generate income?



This side hustle is great for self-growth. When I started , I had to spend hours upon hours developing technology skills that I employ for myself and sell to others.

Additionally, creating a blog puts you and your content out for the world to see. Have you ever heard the saying, “the internet is forever” ? Well, it is. Blogging can be your online diary or business portfolio – it is what YOU make it.

Get paid every time someone visits your url. That is sweet, passive income. Ad revenue and affiliate marketing will increase the income blogging generates for you.

I started my blog, obviously, lol, with . The starting cost is low and their templates make it easy too get started and learn how to improve. WordPress also generates newsletters with helpful tips for bloggers that host their site with them.

Consistency and Creative Content are extremely important for success as a blogger.

Starting a blog was the first thing I did after T H I S.



#SideHustleSaturday is a weekly series that readers look forward to, in addition to other posts in various categories.

This is my favorite and most rewarding Side Hustle. If you enjoy writing and learning, there is nothing to it – but to do it!


3 responses to “Side Hustle Saturday Ch. 9 – Blogging $”

  1. Susan Merz Anderson Avatar
    Susan Merz Anderson

    Well done being consistent! Helping yourself while helping others. Brilliant you! ❤

    Susan Merz Anderson 250-825-4321

    1. Thank you for being a loyal support!

  2. Amazing Info…thanks for this!


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