Side Hustle Saturday Ch. 7 – Make $ From Your Cellphone

Your Cellphone = Passive Income ? YES.

We all have cellphones. Well, that device in your hand can make you passive income. Here are some cellphone apps that pay you for being like everyone else in the world – and having a cellphone!

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  • Bounts pays you $15 for walking. Look into it and see if it you like it.
  • Acorn Investing Use “round-ups” to make money in your sleep. Here’s How: After you connect debit or credit cards, you can set Acorns to “round up” your purchases and invest the difference — if you spend $8.36 on lunch, Acorns will invest the $0.64.
  •  Nielsen Mobile Rewards – this app connects to your phone and works in the background monitoring apps, games, and websites you use and how often you talk on the phone, but never the numbers you call or receive calls from. After a few months, you get about $48 worth of points to redeem for prizes or gift cards.

“Faith without works is dead”

James 2:14-26

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2 responses to “Side Hustle Saturday Ch. 7 – Make $ From Your Cellphone”

  1. Susan Merz Anderson Avatar
    Susan Merz Anderson

    Bri, I’m amazed at how many tips you come up with for people! Like getting paid to walk, crazy awesome! Keep up the good work. Persistance and consistency- you got both. I believe in you! With love, Susan

    Susan Merz Anderson 250-825-4321

    1. Thank you so very much !! Its a pleasure to share and read your amazing comments. means SO much!


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