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Side Hustle Saturday : Prolific

One of my favorite #SideHustles is no longer available to me as I used it extensively during my grad school days. 🙂 Tested, Tried, and True, welcome to #SideHustleSaturday: Prolific!

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How to Sign Up

  • Start by Clicking Here. You’ll be asked to provide basic information during sign-up: your email, birthday, and phone number.
  • Verify your phone number. You can not access the platform without doing so to prevent multiple sign-ups and accounts for one person.
  • Once you’re verified, earning is simple! You’ll start by answering questions about yourself and establishing your profile.
  • Prolific sends surveys ($), to you based on your profile.
  • Unlike Amazon Mechanical Turk, you will never have to search for surveys!
Filling out this section doesn’t pay, but it is necessary to get paid.

How To Earn

  • After you complete the demographics section, you’ll see the following screen as Prolific gathers studies to send to YOU.

There are many survey options from Prolific! From independent studies to universities, your opinion matters.

  • Based on your profile, you are presented with surveys that you personally qualify for.
  • In green, is what you will be paid directly. The hourly rate is based on time.
  • Personal Advice: If the green amount is low and the hourly rate is high, I pay attention to the time in the center. If the green amount is very high, I look at the time next and ignore the hourly rate.
The surveys you qualify for will populate like this.

How to Cash Out

  • Prolific has a $5 (euro) limit, which is easy to reach.
  • You will need a (free) Paypal account to redeem your cash. Euros are converted to USD via PayPal. 
  • Once each survey is approved, Use your free PayPal debit card, or send the cash to a linked card and spend (or save) it freely!

Despite how busy you are with work, family, or school, we all have time in our day when we are at rest. You can use recommendations from our Side Hustle Saturdays series to earn from simple tasks.



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  1. I love Side Hustle Saturday ♥️♥️♥️

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