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Side Hustle Saturday Ch.14 – The Time:Money Ratio

One source of income, is a detriment to rely on.

I’ve been laid off before. Texas is an “at-will” state. Every since then, I’ve had the will to always have a back-up plan. No job is promised. Even CEOs and CFOs can be fired by stakeholders…

What if you’re laid off or fired “at-will” ? What if the company tanks due to poor finances? Lower-level employees are almost always kept in the dark about the financial health of their employer, for example, Enron. I am not trying to incite panic, just realism.

This movie has important lessons, beyond the humor.

My grandmother and I loved the movie “Fun with Dick and Jane“. I’m smiling 🙂 just thinking about all of the times we watched it. Momo and I would laugh but we also paid attention to the lesson of the film. The premise of the movie is; a well-off middle class family living way above their means. They have artificial grass, a large pool and a housekeeper, in addition to luxury cars and a home that is way too big for a family of three. At the mere mention of a promotion, the husband encourages his wife to quit her job and she wastes no time doing so. His promotion, tanks along with the company and all of their savings, which were vested into the company (the story of Enron, basically). What ensues, is a (hilarious) life of crime for this family. They are set on robbing “the man” to get what they deserve. The movie is satire. In the true story of Enron, which this movie is based off of, people committed crimes and even suicide at the news that their one and only job , as well as all of their savings (401K, retirement, ect) were GONE.


In previous chapters of #SideHustleSaturday, 13 chapters to be exact, I’ve shared thirteen additional income streams that I personally have discovered and used. Some, I use on a daily basis, such as Crowdtap, Amazon Shopper Panel and Amazon Mechanical Turk. Some, were consistent for months, others began to be more effort than it was financially worth.

For Chapter 14, we’ll talk about the time to money ratio. To be intentional in your side hustle, is to take account of how much time you spend earning , and if the time to earning ratio is worth it.

How much is your time worth?

What is the Time to Money ratio? Think about it like this; you exchange your time for money in your day-to-day job.

Time is money.

The Strategic Side Hustle:

  • Does not promote overwork.
  • Has a high time to earning ratio
  • Is Enjoyable

A strategic side hustle, emphasis on side, should not be an extension of work you already do. For example, working over-time is not a side hustle. You are simply doing the same thing you do every day. You are not exploring new ways to make money and you are not enhancing your skills. You still have all of your eggs in one carton, this is not recommended!

A strategic side hustle has a high time to earning ratio. (time : money). If you make $30 an hour at your day job, it would only make sense to make more than that in less time, with your side hustle. There are well-paying tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk, (Chapter 5 of #SideHustleSaturday) and the platform includes a timer for each task you accept. For example, a “financial forecasting task” (guessing what crypto will do well, very basic stuff), paid $16 for 30 minutes. One may look at the pay and think, “that’s nothing”. When considering the time:money ratio however, this would be an hourly pay of $32. How many people do you know that wish they made $32 an hour? This is why Mturk has been one of my favorite, most reliable side hustles since 2017. The time:money ratio is GREAT.

A strategic side hustle should be enjoyable. “Time flies when you’re having fun”, right? This is why Chapter 13 of Side Hustle Saturday is a great gem, product testing is fun, sometimes you get to keep the product AND the profit.

It doesn’t matter how many resources you have if you are not strategic. That’s why, this chapter does not introduce a new side hustle, but emphasizes the time to money ratio in whatever side hustle you choose. I have more to share in this series. In the meantime, get strategic and remember, time is money!

I’m currently reading this book for the second time, and learning so much :



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