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Side Hustle Saturday : Ch. 11 – Crowdtap

What do you have in your Amazon cart? Whether it’s an impulse buy you stopped yourself from going through with, or an item you’re saving up for – The return of Side Hustle Saturday is focused on Crowdtap! A gift-card earning platform that grosses me at least $50 a month in Amazon gift cards.

This post is not sponsored by – but it could be !

You can use recommendations from our Side Hustle Saturdays series to earn from simple tasks that can be done in place of scrolling social media. Since when has scrolling Instagram for hours earned you an Amazon gift card?

How to Sign Up

  • Start with going to You’ll be asked to provide basic information during the sign up process: your email, birthday and phone number.
  • Verify your phone number. You can not access the platform without doing so – this is to prevent multiple sign-ups and accounts for one person.
  • Once you’re verified, earning is simple! You’ll start with answering questions about yourself for 50 points.

How To Earn

  • 1000 points earned = $5 gift card. This can be easily earned in one day, two or three times in a day even. I like to work on Crowdtap while watching TV or doing other tasks that don’t require too much mental exertion. This way, I am always earning and utilizing my time.

There are many gift-card options from Crowdtap, not just Amazon! Look for your favorite retailer, set a monthly or weekly earn goal and start to participate.

  • You are presented with an array of colorful tiles each time you log-in. These missions vary in earnings and most of the questions that brands ask are open-ended or multiple choice. Choose what you’d like to answer. Be honest and pay attention to all questions – so you are not disqualified!
Watch out for questions like this 🙂 They are meant to test your attention.

Cash out

  • The time you spend completing missions mostly determines how many points you earn. Every mission is worth a different amount of points, so the missions you choose will also impact your progress.
  • Once you hit 1,000 points, worth $5, you can exchange your earnings for gift cards to retailers like Amazon. While users can earn points with the Crowdtap app on their phone, you can only redeem rewards on the website. 
  • You can also continue to stack points to redeem later for a higher payout!

Despite how busy you are with work, family or school, we all have time in our day where we are at rest. You can use recommendations from our Side Hustle Saturdays series to earn from simple tasks that can be done in place of scrolling social media. Since when has scrolling Instagram for hours earned you an Amazon gift card?


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5 responses to “Side Hustle Saturday : Ch. 11 – Crowdtap”

  1. This is awesome! Thank you breezideezi I’m signing up. I love you Side Hustle Saturdays. Please keep them coming!

  2. My favorite blog. Your always so informative and sharing of your ideas. Thanks for this side hustle idea. Signing up♥️. You’re an awesome writer♥️

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