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See Ya Later, Alligator (Poem)

This poem was written by myself on the day of my grandmother’s graduation, March 17th 2020. The poem is on behalf of all of her grandchildren; myself, my little brother Darius and our cousin Kamryn. Grief doesn’t pass, but time does. May you enjoy this tribute to her.

“See Ya Later, Alligator”

A poem dedicated to Momo from her grandkids

Your hugs, always so tight.

Your singing voice, although COUNTRY, was always – so bright.

Each and every day, in every circumstance, you told us to do what’s right.

In every battle you faced , we watched you use FAITH to win the fight.

You kept the peace, you were a people pleaser.

We thank you for being a mediator, prayer warrior and for putting our favorite  dishes up for us, in the freezer.

Momo – you meant the world to us.

To be selfless and help any way you could, was always a MUST.

A comedian, you always were.

We could always vent to you, but you wouldn’t let us leave without laughter.

As we honor every promise we made to you.

And your writings serve as a manual for what we should do

We look towards heaven and say,

See you later, Alligator”.

As you would always respond, “After while, Crocodile”.


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4 responses to “See Ya Later, Alligator (Poem)”

  1. Oh, my heart. 🥺 May your grandmother rest in peace. 🙏

    1. You’re a kind soul , I appreciate you 🥰

  2. Such a beautiful heartfelt poem! Your talent amazes me! Such a unique special mother and grandmother. She is extremely missed🥲

    1. Words could never describe her. Thanks for reading !


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