College Admission

The Admission Process

Regardless of if you are going for your Associates (2 years), Bachelors (4 years) , Masters or PHD , the admission process for college is pretty standard. Admission to a college or university typically entails a high school diploma or GED, certain coursework completed at the high school level and minimum aptitude test scores. The test score minimums will vary between schools. (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT …).

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In regards to going to college initially, I personally found the ACT to be a better fit for me than the SAT. Despite being an honor graduate from my high school, my low SAT scores got me an initial denial from The University of Houston in 2012. Upon taking the ACT and scoring very high, I was admitted. Take both aptitude tests if possible.

In regards to going to college for my Master’s Degree, The GRE was initially required by my program. I studied very hard and found the quantitative section to be weakest. See the literature links below for my BEST study tool for the GRE. With practice and determination, in addition to time, my scores greatly improved.

You must also keep an eye on application deadlines. Create a spreadsheet for all programs and Universities you are interested in. Here is a view of mine:

If your grade point average is low from high school or previously going to college, your application CAN STILL stand out. Here are some reccomendations to boost your application:

  1. Participate in a specialized high school program. …
  2. Take a college class. …
  3. Find a summer program at a local school or community college.
  4. Get involved with research.
  5. Create your own project.
  6. Take a free online class.

Be sure to mention your activites and passions in your application. Your personal stament is just that – personal.

Admission , is the easiest step.

Next week, we will talk about what to expect once you’re in your desired program!

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