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Persistence is Powerful

Persistence means committing to work, family and life in general, when everything inside you longs for a pause. Just like you, I lose steam at times and fall into the cycle of persistence followed by slacking-off. In college, I witnessed people fail to graduate because giving up was easier than establishing a pattern of persistence. Here are some guided questions that can help you see your pattern.

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Pattern Indicators

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  • Did your parents assist you in early adulthood or did they leave you to struggle on your own? Sometimes parents expect too much of us yet, at the same time, they don’t give us enough help. As a result, you may feel easily overwhelmed and toss in the towel. This indicator is tied to your childhood, and should be addressed by removing blame from your parents, and taking accountability for yourself (see the related blog below).

The Problem With Blame.

Are you a product of your environment or is your environment a product of you? Most times, we credit external factors for our issues. He is so hard to get along with, This environment isn’t a good fit for me, I am late because of traffic… The problem with blaming external factors is that we…

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  • Are you a perfectionist? The fear of failure can disrupt and dismantle persistence, leaving projects incomplete and creating questions from those around you. If you’ve ever heard, “you never finish what you start“, listen and take inventory of examples of you doing this.
  • Do you set goals without clear expectations? I call these “blind spots” – the bumps in the road that you miss when going after your goals because you are only looking ahead, not around you at your competition, not behind you at your growth and not within yourself, for guidance. TIP : Use the SMART goal model to set specific goals with clear timelines, expectations and room for flexibility. Read the related blog, “Blind Spots” below.


Strategic vision encompasses the end goal, work required to reach it and acceptance of present challenges. It is who you or what your will business is to become in “the tomorrow”. Lack of strategic vision can present as: “lets grow as big as we can get”. This almost always causes implosion. In whatever you are…


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  1. Love it! Yes persistence pays off!!!!


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