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The importance of a Passion Project : It’s Saturday, December 10th. I just finished a cathartic pre-birthday therapy session(12/13!) as I work weekly to repair and replace fragments of myself that I lost (and gave away) from 2019 – mid 2022.


There are two things I’ve kept and worked consistently towards during this time: graduating with a MBA and growing I wish there were more…

I am not here to write about my therapy session, but to emphasize the importance of Passion Projects.

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What is a Passion Project?

The checklist is simple, really.

  • Were you pressured to start or maintain the project? The answer to this, should be no.
  • Would you do it for free? (even if WordPress temporally demonetized your ads… 🙁 ) The answer to this should be a swift YES.
  • Does the project require self-teaching? Do you enjoy learning on your own do you prefer outsourcing? The answer to this, is up to you.

Benefits of Passion Projects

  • No one can fire you from a project you created and started on your own.
  • The growth, earning potential and outcomes are all up to you and your efforts.
  • When you’ve given everything you have to others, (kids, friends, exes, current partners, your job, etc…) – your passion project is there and you’re excited to create.
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Painting, blogging, creating a support group, or launching a successful rental business – these are just a few examples of passion projects that I’ve witnessed, or engaged in.

Trust me when I say, the sky is the limit. This website, that you read and support is MY passion project. I’ve witnessed a relative turn their passion project of writing into a full-time, published career as an author, (support her here)

Additionally, I know someone who makes more money from their passion than their career, yet, they maintian both.

If you struggle with adequacy, confidence, loneliness or unfulfillment, I encourage you to obtain and maintain a passion project. Then,


Come back to this blog and tell me about it, so I can support you too. 🙂


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