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Obsession or Manifestation?

You’ve made your desire known, now how do you stop obsessing over it?

It’s a thin line…

Manifestation is a term that I use broadly. I believe that we manifest with our thoughts, praying to a higher power, writing things down, and speaking (or as my granny would say, “there’s power in the tongue”).

With my broad definition of manifestation in mind, it’s important to be careful of what I think and especially, what I say.

To be intentional, I pray out loud and even write letters to God about what I need.

I have money and more money is coming to me.

Cash, career, confidence.

God, please guide me. I can’t guide myself. I surrender.

I will be able to pay my expenses this month. I don’t know how, but I know I will be okay.

After these lovely, assuring words are written or uttered, then, my obsessive thoughts begin.

What if I was not specific enough in my prayer and God forgets to grant me something I want or need?

Is this even working? I don’t feel seen or heard by God, society or my loved ones.

I should check my email one more time… I haven’t checked in 5 minutes — that good news could be waiting on me.

It hasn’t happened yet, It must not be meant to happen at all…

In improving my obsessive thoughts related to manifestations, I’ve implemented a few boundaries:

  • Surrender to your circumstances. If you could change things instantly, you would, but YOU CAN’T.
  • Replace negative or obsessive thoughts with positive thoughts. You will have to do this constantly, maybe every minute or in my case, every second.
  • Swat away intrusive thoughts BEFORE they become obsessive. If you’re enjoying dinner and then randomly think of that problem, you can choose to take a bigger bite, savor your food, or talk about something else.
  • Lean on your loved ones and therapist! I am blessed to have both, but I do understand that not everyone does. Find someone in your life that you can talk to (not trauma-dump on), about the worries that are weighing down your mind. If they’re a gem, they will assure you and help you to focus on positive things.


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