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I must credit my friends and those I admire from afar for their careers, for this revelation : LinkedIn is a major asset! Below, I’ll share the tips I’ve learned and employed to boost my visibility.


Having a LinkedIn page for years, I thought it was enough to list where I worked and to apply for jobs using the EasyApply option- that’s why it’s there, right?

man showing distress
Failure is a great teacher.

Well, I’ve been using LinkedIn all wrong, until recently. In October 2022, I met with successful friends, scoured the LinkedIn profiles of executives and completely revamped my profile, to some interesting results…

LinkedIn is an Asset For YOU.

  • It’s not just about sharing your resume’ and impressing employers. LinkedIn is your online portfolio.

Use LinkedIn to share your past achievements that align with your future goals.

Include media associated with your projects.

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Create a banner with your personal blog or portfolio URL. In the past, I avoided mentioning to employers, out of fear. Now, it is most representative of my ambition, tenacity and talents.

Increasing Visibility

  • If it’s easy, it’s crowded.

Earlier, I mentioned the EasyApply button and how, well, easy it is to use to apply for jobs. But, if you pay attention to jobs with simple applications, the number of applicants are ENORMOUS.

This also applies to job boards like Indeed and Monster, which I find useless.

Search for jobs on LinkedIn, but apply directly on the company website, and mention your LinkedIn profile there.

bird s eye view of group of people
The number of applicants for “remote” positions within the first 5 minutes…
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) runs the world now.

Applying but not receiving calls? Receiving rejections seconds after applying? This happens for various reason but usually because your resume’ and LinkedIn need to be optimized. Simply put, it’s all about keywords.

Algorithms use keywords to screen applicants. Likewise, recruiters find applicants by searching for specific keywords – this is happening to me currently and it’s nice to be noticed, vs always seeking. Gone are the days or paper resumes’ – optimize your online presence and your resume’ with keywords for best results.


Would you like a part 2 to LinkedIn Lessons? There is more to share. And please, click the icon below to see my personal page for ideas. All the best!


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