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Letter to My Previous Employer | Exercise

I decided to try this exercise to open space for the new role that I am walking into. It is essential to clear space for new things to take root and spring in your life. Just as I’ve done through death and breakups, I’m writing this letter to my previous (unnamed) employer with the intent for them never to see it. How Carthatic!

Dear, You …

I remember how excited I was to receive your initial call. Oh, the butterflies…

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You’re interested in ME? I thought to myself. In reality, I should’ve vetted your environment and staff to see if I was interested.

Despite living less than 2 miles away from you, our rounds of interviews were conducted on Zoom. Red flag? Even if it was, I wanted the title and growth that I was promised within this role.

I appreciated the offer and eagerly signed, I didn’t even negotiate. I broke my own cardinal rule, for YOU.

Day 1 in office, was bleak. I brought Donuts that no one ate, I wasn’t greeted by others. I was thrown into a dusty office with business cards for each person that held the role before me; each for 1 year or less… Red flag?

Well no, because the students were so rewarding. I went above and beyond providing internal and external resources, listening to personal issues despite being told by my previous manager “Talk about classes and that’s it“. What a cold person she was…

We didn’t mesh from our first in-person interaction. Is that why my interviews were virtual? Red flag?

I learned so much in this role. My confidence grew as a result of the students I interacted with, and their appreciation. Despite all of the pushback, I introduced my ideas or pushed them through independently, for the sake of the students.

I am now a Query and ListServ master! All thanks to YOU.

I have years of experience that show progression and promotion at my alum, all thanks to YOU.

I was given time off to graduate with my MBA in Arizona, all thanks to YOU.

I was terminated without cause; You claimed lack of communication (the irony, since that is my undergradute major and a point of praise in my interview), but I have sustained myself still, no thanks to YOU.

My blog has grown, and the resources your students truly need, are here. No thanks to you…

To You,

Thank You.


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