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High School Senior Spotlight: Kamryn Reed

A varsity powerlifter, a goal-oriented teen, and now, a Westbrook high-school senior in their final semester! Kamryn Reed and I share more than our amazing grandmother; She is also passionate about education. Welcome to Kamryn Reed’s High School Senior Spotlight, featured on

Do YOU think college is for everyone? Why or why not?

Kamryn Reed: In my opinion, I do not think college is for EVERYONE. Why? Because you can take a whole other route other than college and still get that job, or income, without a degree.

I agree with Kamryn, and it’s refreshing to see a teen choose college, knowing they also have other options. I was the opposite – college was my lifeline!

How Many Offers Did you Have ?

Kamryn: I had 5 amazing offers. Lamar, TSU, Houston Christian, Houston Tillston University and Southern University. One was a full-ride.

Why’d you choose TSU?

Kamryn: Because, I feel like it was the perfect fit for me , it’s not too far from my hometown and I have family that live in the area that can always help me when needed.

Every college student needs help at some point; As Kamryn’s older cousin (but more of big sister in my eyes, I will be the support that she needs. For anyone that has a younger relative attending college, call them, support and help them; education is not a requirement.

Do you feel you have enough support to start and finish your collegiate journey?

Kamryn: Yes

What are you looking forward to most about college ?

Kamryn: I’m mainly looking forward to meeting new people and exploring campus life. I will engage in organizations also!

Advice for your younger cousins /siblings/friends on college?

Kamryn: During high school make sure you take care of you GPA so you can get into any college you want. And once you’re in college don’t worry about partying worry about getting to classes on time and taking care of business.

Anything else you want to say?

Kamryn: College is an experience and I’ve been told to enjoy the experience, while achieving the goal of getting my degree. Thank you to my mom, Aunt Rene’ , Momo and Cousin Bri for setting that example, and my many other family members that have gone to college or made a way for themselves without it!


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  1. Love the article! You are an inspiration Kamryn! May you be Blessed and successful in all your endeavors♥️


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