It’s Not So Simple…

Yay… ?

It’s 7:59 am and I am chatting with my favorite barista and she pumps up my large cinnamon toast latte. I can’t wait for this caffeine rush, and in the midst of this thought, I ask her, “How were your holidays?

Her, “It was okay” was so timid

I felt her response. Its the generic answer most people are giving in response to quite the traumatic year for most.

I have a new latte obsession and an amazing Barista to support me!

Feeling her hesitation, I say, “I am quite glad the holidays are damn over, honestly”.

We then begin to do this thing, you know, form a trauma bond. I vent about losing my grandparents, who were so much more to me than their family relation. She vents abut her divorce after twenty-five years

I am recently 27 years old. Her marriage was about the length of my relationship with my grandparents. My brain starts to draw many parallels.

Still, I am unable to say “I understand”. I’ve never been married. I’ve never lived with someone in a relationship… I don’t understand her pain.

It’s not so simple.

We should be careful to pocket our assumptions and experiences, especially in conversations with others. You will not always be able to relate or have a shared experience. Nor , is it always helpful to meet someone else’s pain with your own. I saw a tweet in which someone said 2020 was the best year of their life. I don’t understand through my own POV, but I did send congratulations.

A ‘new’ year, holidays….

It’s not so simple.

With love, never offense – Breezideezi

3 responses to “It’s Not So Simple…”

  1. Although it’s not the exact same pain, it’s still painful not spending the holidays with a loved one 😢 My heart & prayers go out to you & the barista 💛🙏🏽

    1. Hi Dani ! Thank you for this comment. Really appreciate this point of view. 🙂

  2. Interesting post!!! Thanks for sharing!


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