Interview with Published Author, Monica Walters

It is a pleasure to add interviews with successful people to the featured blog category. Interviewing author Monica Walters was a delight. Suggestions are welcome on interviews you’d like to see or possibly be selected for, welcome to the mind of a published author!


Who Is Monica Walters?

Romance author, Monica Walters, is best known as the queen of country hood love stories. As an Amazon best-selling author, with multiple award nominations and 2021 winner of Literary Jewels Literary Awards for Best Romance Author, Monica has always had a passion for creating different worlds with words. Starting with poetry, writing has always been a constant in Monica’s life. Song lyrics and poetry led to short stories, then one day in her down time, a short story became a full-length novel, which was self-published in 2014!

Monica was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas, but she now resides in Nome, Texas, where most of her country stories take place. Besides being a wife and mother, attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology has only helped her become a better writer, understanding characters and their complex personalities. She is admired by many and an example to myself as a writer!

The Interview

Bri: How did your journey begin and lead to where you are now?

I’ve been a writer for a long time, about twenty-eight years now. I wrote my first novel twelve years ago. It was a hobby for me back then. I never saw myself as a published author, because I had been turned down by a traditional publisher. It wasn’t until I was able to upload my first two books to Kindle Direct Publishing that I thought the journey was possible. I had the time to grow as a writer without the logistics of the literary industry getting in the way. By the time I was informed and ready to pursue a career, I was ready, mentally and emotionally and had written 14 books.


My sister told me about a book event that was being held in Dallas in 2018 called Girl Have You Met. That was a turning point for me. Seeing several black women out there pushing books they’d published independently just as I had was motivation like no other. When I published my next book, The Devil Goes to Church Too, I promoted it so much until I was tired of looking at it. LOL! However, it prepared me for what was next. Months later, one of the authors at the event was accepting submissions for her independent publishing company, and I submitted and was aceepted. Sixty-seven books later… here I am, the author of eighty-three novels, eighty-one of them published and two available for preorder.

Monica Walters,
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Bri: What do you think makes a good story?

A story that takes you on a journey. There are so many elements, depending on the genre. If it can hold my interest and flows effortlessly, then, in my opinion, it’s a good story.

Monica Walters,

Bri: What advice do you have for writers (of any genre)?

If they are wanting to pursue a career, they need to be sure to believe in themselves. We live in a world where people don’t mind voicing their opinions, solicited or not. They can be cruel, heartless, and sometimes outright false. Self-doubt can creep in and destroy you. You have to believe in yourself no matter what. If you don’t, you won’t get far. Confidence and a hint of cockiness will take you a long way, but also have to be able to accept constructive criticism and know who to accept it from. If you can handle doing those things along with being disciplined, nothing will be able to stop you but you.

Monica Walters,

Bri: What project is upcoming from you and how can readers of support?


I have a couple that are upcoming. 😉

I have a book coming in February with Treasure Hernandez for Carl Weber’s Full Figured 18. It will be two separate stories, housed in one book.

I also have Book 11 of my Berotte Family Series coming in February as well.

I just released book 10 of the series 1/13/2023 and had a book, Stuck On You, released under Urban Books (Urban Renaissance) on 1/24/2023!

To stay up to date and current on info about my books, you can subscribe to my website/mailing list at

I can also be found on social media platforms. Facebook/Instagram/TikTok: @authormonicawalters

Twitter: @monlwalters, and Clubhouse: @monicawalters

Monica Walters,

Monica, thank you for contributing to with your valuable advice, all of which I will take to heart. Self-doubt is cancerous, but seeing examples of success creates an array of hope. Myself, and readers of look forward to continuing to supporting to you.


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  1. This is my favorite interview from all I’ve encountered on the web! 💗 Thank you so much, Bri, for keeping it brief enough to appreciate but long enough to be impactful. 😉 And a major thank you to Monica for her inspiring story and advice for aspiring writers. 👐🏻📚

    1. This comment warms my heart, so glad you could enjoy the interview! I was nervous about length- so much more I wanted to ask. I hope to have more interviews soon! Blessings to you 🙂

  2. Love the interview! Great job! Monica Walters is one of my favorite authors! She is an amazing storyteller! ♥️♥️♥️ I have read and purchased several of her books. Interesting article ♥️

    1. I agree, she is very talented! Thank you for supporting this interview, more to come ! 🙂 <3


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