Explaining The Unexplainable

I have, so many times, failed to be prepared to give an answer for my faith. It has been questioned even more after leaving my last career and still maintaining my standard of life.

The YouVersion Bible App says, “The most powerful way to share your faith is to simply share what God has done in your life. It’s not having perfect, polished words and theology that works. Being too polished can actually turn people off. Giving an answer shouldn’t feel like pressure to perform or produce a specific outcome. Remember, you are not the one who can change someone’s heart. Only Jesus can do that, so take that pressure off of yourself”.

I found my voice finally and pressure myself constantly. Is it guilt?

Most of us can think of powerful experiences we’ve had when there is no question God was at work – because nothing you did could have produced that result. Some of your blessings may have come as a result of the most difficult times in your life. I’ve learned that sharing these stories will encourage and bless others, and also redeem my pain.

Do NOT discount the less sensational, daily experiences you have with the Lord – the answered prayers and simple coincidences, or God-incidences – that you just know were a love tap from Him. 

This love-tap from God made my morning and decreased the pressure I feel with my newfound faith.

To never forget your faith and to explain it to others, Youversion also suggests to keep a journal of both small and big ways in which God has worked in your life. My Momo did this, and I inherited many of her writings after her passing. She wrote so much, several family members have several of her tablets! Personal, vulnerable stories are more likely to resonate with people that know God, seek God or question faith. It puts the gospel into a context that’s relatable and brings it to life – your life and theirs. 

By recalling all of the ways God has worked in your life you will be able to share a story that is relevant to the person in front of you. The investment you make in prayer, building a relationship to understand that person, and your commitment to being a light for Christ will help you be effective in sharing your faith. Then you can let Jesus do the rest. 

God, thank you for comforting, sustaining and blessing me in ways others don’t understand but I see can come ONLY from you. #breezideezi

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  1. Very informative! Love it!😍

    1. do you know how awesome you are and how much i appreciate you? seriously.


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