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Channeling Rejection (what NO really means)

senior man looking at inscription displayed on wall saying no vacancies


From job rejections to financing denials, rarely does hearing no feel good. Those two little letters, carry so much confusion.

a person holding a paper cup with the word no
I’ve heard NO so much lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was written on my Starbucks latte….

I have never spent so much time on linkedIn as I do recently, since finishing my MBA; I have been hearing NO a lot lately. The posts on LinkedIn range from graduation announcements to new roles; The most popular posts I see are job rejections and layoffs. It is a tough time for many of us.

Thank you for reading, sharing and lifting yourself.

Rejection is Redirection

  • You may have heard “rejection is redirection” or “rejection is God’s protection”, but do you consistently believe that? It can be difficult to believe this when your inbox is filled with “we are moving forward with other candidates” emails.

  • Think about what you may gain from this “loss”. Were you going after a job in an industry you’re tired of but familiar with? Were you limiting yourself because it’s comfortable?

  • Don’t let rejection define you. All things happen for a reason and in perfect timing. That very thing that you were rejected from, could have been the thing to make you miserable.
senior man looking at inscription displayed on wall saying no vacancies
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Revise your strategy

  • Another No ? Reset and Revise. Dedicate time to clarifying what you are trying to achieve. DO you need to work on your resume’ Have you devoted time to your LinkedIn? (SEO runs the world now). Perhaps, you are burned out in the industry you are in and your interviews reflect that. DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF.
  • Go for the lesser-known organizations/companies – they could be a great fit and more willing to understand your circumstances.

  • I urge you to try something new and take a chance on a new industry, startup, or company you may never heard of before, a role that may not be the exact title you were looking for. You may just find yourself in something great.

NO really means…

NO means New Opportunity !

Stay Encouraged.

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2 responses to “Channeling Rejection (what NO really means)”

  1. Edwina Rene’ Derry Avatar
    Edwina Rene’ Derry

    Thanks for this! Thought provoking! Love it!

    1. Remember, NO means New Opportunity 🙂


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