The Straw That Broke The Teacher’s Back

I have been… erratic? or impulsive in my choices..? My therapist says grief will do that to you.  It’s been an interesting year for Teachers everywhere.  I had to spray my kid’s desk with lysol every 30 minutes… 2 kids tested positive for COVID, branding my place of employment as a “COVID campus“… I wasContinue reading “The Straw That Broke The Teacher’s Back”

Life After College

Life after college manifests different for everyone. Your background and current circumstances are determinant factors, partially. I want to know : Personally, I received many congrats but not much guidance. I’ve graduated, with an internship that pays, (barely) but this is supposed to catapult me into SUCCESS, right? My Communications/American Sign Language degree and concentrationContinue reading “Life After College”