Jesus Wept. But…

I have cried for the smallest things, happy moments, and sad moments alike. I have cried, over ‘losing’ friends (in reality, God was separating us for my bigger purpose). In this self-love journey, I now reserve my emotions for myself. You deplete yourself and give away your energy when emotion leads your interactions. It’s soContinue reading “Jesus Wept. But…”

So, You’ve Finished Grief Counseling? “Are you cured”?

Perhaps, you haven’t started yet but want to know if it really works. Is it a cure? How much money did it cost? Would you go back? I’ve finished grief counseling, 7 months of it. I will share my experience through the journey and in my current place of reflection. After losing my Momo, IContinue reading “So, You’ve Finished Grief Counseling? “Are you cured”?”

2021: Predictions, Expectations and Manifestations

This “New Year” already feels differently. Have you noticed these memes? This is hinting at the fear of gloom and doom in the air for many people. Well, not for US. Not for those who operate in love, choose faith over fear, and live #breezideezi… For US, 2021 has expectations and manifestations just as anyContinue reading “2021: Predictions, Expectations and Manifestations”