Side Hustle Saturday Week 7

Your Cellphone = Passive Income ? YES. We all have cellphones. Well, that device in your hand can make you passive income. Here are some cellphone apps that pay you, for being like everyone else in the world and having a cellphone. 5 Miles – open the app every day accumlate points that you canContinue reading “Side Hustle Saturday Week 7”

Side Hustle Saturday: Week 6 – eBay Spring Cleaning $$$

As the need for Spring cleaning approached and an unexpected financial emergency occurred, I decided to resell anything of resell value on ebay. In 2021, ebay is still very much relevant. Are you unsure of what to sell? Look in your hand. Are unsure of how to list to attract buyers? Study other frequent sellers.Continue reading “Side Hustle Saturday: Week 6 – eBay Spring Cleaning $$$”

Side Hustle Saturday – Week 5- $ Amazon Mechanical Turk $

The only thing I am here to sale you today, is free game… In this post, ā€œBreezideeziā€ Ways to Make Money Online , I shared my top ways to earn online everyday. My most reliable platform, for years, has been Amazon Mechanical Turk. Today, I want to give you some free game that will “work ifContinue reading “Side Hustle Saturday – Week 5- $ Amazon Mechanical Turk $”

Side Hustle Saturday: Week 4 – Amazon Shopper Panel

This awesome program pays you for pictures of your receipts. This. Is. Not. A. Drill. Launched in October 2020, Amazon Shopper Panel is easy to use and quick to pay. Here is all the info on this Side Hustle – let’s make it #BreeziDeezi shall we? Step 1: Download the app on IOS or android.Continue reading “Side Hustle Saturday: Week 4 – Amazon Shopper Panel”

Side Hustle Saturday : Week 3 Student Debt

If you are anything like me, you had to go to college by any means necessary – meaning – you have student debt. There is no way to hustle yourself out of debt , especially hefty student loans. However, you can have a hustle (strategy) to manage or even avoid student debt. The Hustle: ManagingContinue reading “Side Hustle Saturday : Week 3 Student Debt”

Side Hustle Saturday : Week 2 – All About Social Media

In the social media circus – my focus is MONETIZATION. This week’s Side Hustle Saturday is all about using social media , not being used by it. Instagram Did you know that you can monetize Instagram? Well, you can. Before you screenshot and crop a random quote, ask yourself – how can this translate toContinue reading “Side Hustle Saturday : Week 2 – All About Social Media”