Grieving During the Holidays by Angelica Williams

November through January are the months in each year where families and friends gather together to eat excessive amounts of food, swap thoughtful, most of the time very expensive gifts, and countdown the minutes until the upcoming new year. You would think that within these three months the majority of people would be bursting at the seams filled with happiness and cheer, right? Well, despite the joy and positivity that things like commercials, movies, television shows, andContinue reading “Grieving During the Holidays by Angelica Williams”

Why (ASL) Sign Language is VITAL for all…

If people simply knew the alphabet, the world would be significantly more welcoming. Consider how now, during a pandemic, the deaf are even more disadvantaged by people wearing masks and obscuring the chance to read their lips. Every time i meet someone deaf and see them wrestling to get paper and pen , my heartContinue reading “Why (ASL) Sign Language is VITAL for all…”