Cataclysmic events and Consistency

Reblog, originally written December 7th, 2020.

If you desire change in any aspect of your life, what catalyst(s) do you have around you?

When your phone is dying, you are quick to go for the charger. The same logic applies to your life and passions…

When your phone is dying, you are quick to go for the charger. The same logic applies to your life and passions. It has been 2 months since I made a major, scary change. My days are still scary at times, and I constantly talk myself out of fear and future-oriented thinking. You talk to yourself too, don’t judge me.


It’s easy for us to question or regret change. Did I move too soon? What if he really was going to change that time? Should I have waited another year before starting my business?

As we question ourselves and make excuses, time goes on…

A cataclysmic event will spark change in your life, if you allow it.

Let’s say, you want to change dynamic of your relationship with a friend. They use you as a therapist, and you are tired of it although you love them dearly. One day, they call and unload their problems on you without asking about you, and you are in a hospital bed. That can be the catalyst for you to establish healthier boundaries if you choose so, or, you can do as you’ve always done and complain to yourself as if anyone can hear you.

My cataclysmic event… losing my grandparents 6 months apart.

My cataclysmic event… losing my grandparents 6 months apart.

I pray your catalyst isn’t as extreme as mine, but I can only speak from my experience. In March 2020, I lost my grandmother and that paralyzed me. I became a zombie at my job and in life in general because I had to keep going to make her proud. So, I got into therapy. In October 2020, my grandfather died. Instead of aiming to be a better teacher, I aimed to be a better person.

  • That started by changing my career path – I wasn’t fulfilled.
  • I started to vent and share my love for sign language on Youtube, which built a small following,
  • which led to me wanting to blog,
  • which led to me creating this site from scratch,
  • which led to more support,
  • which led to people sharing their resources to help me grow and improve, which has led to where I am now…

I am on my own track, going at my own speed, towards my own destination.

I want the same or better for you.

Consistency is key, don’t focus on the time frame. Trust me, it feels as though its been much longer than 2 months for me. Time can make you feel URGENCY, which is another word for fear in my world. What can you do to be consistent?

To Momo, Rosalee Zeno (my grandma and bestfriend), and Papa, Edward Zeno (my only father figure) , I love and miss you with every fiber of my being.

Reblog, originally written December 7th, 2020.



12 responses to “Cataclysmic events and Consistency”

  1. Yes consistency is the key! If you need assistance in creating memes. Let me know how I can help. Proud of you and your growth.

    1. yes! thanks! would love your help!!

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  8. Love it! Same event fir me as well😢! Well said!

    1. They are our reason to keep accomplishing , to live. To continue to make them proud.

      1. Amen! I agree♥️


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