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Daily Black History Facts (Feb 1 – 12)

Black History Facts were like the daily news in my household as a child. My minor in African American Studies makes so much sense now… Each year, my mom, Rene’, creates a family group chat to share facts in Feburary.

Here are the 12 black history facts she’s shared as of today, February 12th. Digest, enjoy, and a special thanks to my amazing Mother/ featured writer!


2/1/23 – George Crum

George Crum created the potato chip, I wish I could personally thank him!


2/2/23 – Granville T. Woods

Granville T. Woods created over 60 patents! His most notable allows traveling trains to communicate with one another.


2/3/23 – John Carlos

John Carlos made history by raising his black-gloved fists at the 1968 Olympics, where he won first place!


2/4/23 – Muhammed Ali

More than a boxer, Ali devoted time and money to black social issues. Often credited as “the most famous black man ever“.


2/5/23 – Tice Davids

Tice Davids was a runaway slave who coined the term, “underground railroad”. He escaped to freedom!


2/6/23 – Paul Williams

Paul Williams was a brilliant architect who mastered the art of drawing upside down. Why? He’d have to sit across from, not next to white clients.


2/7/23 – Bayard Rustin

The man who really organized the March on Washington with Dr. King. Due to being a gay black man, he was forced to work behind the scenes of the equality movement.


2/8/23 – Jesse Owens

An outstanding track athlete, Owens set a world record at the 1936 Olympics.


2/9/23 – Alice Coachman

The first black woman to win an Olympic gold medal!


2/10/23 – Nat King Cole

A gifted singer and also the first Black entertainer with their own TV series.


2/11/23 – Mo’ne Davis


A famous Baseball Player and currently, a student at the prestigious HBCU, Spelman.


2/12/23 – Angela Davis

Once wanted by the FBI, the beautiful Angela Davis is now a professor and activist. Her story is phenomenal, please take the time to do additional research.


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