Bible Emergency Numbers

Reblog, Originally Published November 12th, 2020

These are listed in the order in the order in which this was shared with me. I’m unsure of the original source of this list that was given to me by my grandmother’s brother, Allan, but I am sure that it never fails. If you don’t believe in God, 2020 has made sure that you believe in evil. There can not be one without the other. Take a look at these bible emergecy numbers, bookmark for moments when you need them.

  • When in sorrowJohn 14
  • When man fails you … Psalm 27
  • When you have sinnedPsalm 51
  • When you have worryMatthew 6:19-34
  • When you are in dangerPsalm 91
  • When God seems far awayPsalm 139
  • When your faith needs stirring … Hebrews 11
  • When you are lonely and fearfulPsalm 23
  • When you grow bitter and critical1st Cor. 13
  • When you feel down and out …. Romans 8:31 -39
  • When you want peace and restMatthew 11: 25-30
  • When the world seems bigger than GodPsalm 90
  • When you want Christ’s assuranceRomans 8:1-30
  • When you leave home for labor or travel .. Psalm 121
  • When your prayers grow narrow or selfish … Psalm 67
  • When you need courage Joshua 1
  • When you think of investments and returnsMark 10
  • How to get along with othersRomans 12
  • When you want to create opportunities Isaiah 55
  • When you want Paul’s secret to happinessCol. 3 :12-17
  • If you want to be fruitful John 15
  • If your wallet is emptyPsalm 37
  • If you’re losing confidence in others1st Cor. 13
  • If people seem unkindJohn 15
  • If you are discouraged about your workPsalm 126

Reblog, Originally Published November 12th, 2020



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