The Straw That Broke The Teacher’s Back

I have been… erratic? or impulsive in my choices..? My therapist says grief will do that to you.  It’s been an interesting year for Teachers everywhere.  I had to spray my kid’s desk with lysol every 30 minutes… 2 kids tested positive for COVID, branding my place of employment as a “COVID campus“… I wasContinue reading “The Straw That Broke The Teacher’s Back”

“Never Argue With Children” – Rosalee Zeno

This anecdote was written by my Momo (grandmother), Rosalee Zeno and shared with me. I Love and miss you Momo. “A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal, it’s throatContinue reading ““Never Argue With Children” – Rosalee Zeno”

Life After College

Life after college manifests different for everyone. Your background and current circumstances are determinant factors, partially. I want to know : Personally, I received many congrats but not much guidance. I’ve graduated, with an internship that pays, (barely) but this is supposed to catapult me into SUCCESS, right? My Communications/American Sign Language degree and concentrationContinue reading “Life After College”

Why (ASL) Sign Language is VITAL for all…

If people simply knew the alphabet, the world would be significantly more welcoming. Consider how now, during a pandemic, the deaf are even more disadvantaged by people wearing masks and obscuring the chance to read their lips. Every time i meet someone deaf and see them wrestling to get paper and pen , my heartContinue reading “Why (ASL) Sign Language is VITAL for all…”