Side Hustle Saturday : Week 3 Student Debt

If you are anything like me, you had to go to college by any means necessary – meaning – you have student debt. There is no way to hustle yourself out of debt , especially hefty student loans. However, you can have a hustle (strategy) to manage or even avoid student debt. The Hustle: ManagingContinue reading “Side Hustle Saturday : Week 3 Student Debt”

Side Hustle Saturday : Week 2 – All About Social Media

In the social media circus – my focus is MONETIZATION. This week’s Side Hustle Saturday is all about using social media , not being used by it. Instagram Did you know that you can monetize Instagram? Well, you can. Before you screenshot and crop a random quote, ask yourself – how can this translate toContinue reading “Side Hustle Saturday : Week 2 – All About Social Media”