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  • It’s the 1st of the month!

    It’s the 1st of the month!

    “Every negative trait has a corresponding positive. Quiet = thoughtful. Disorganized = creative. This month, identify some hidden strengths from your self-declared weaknesses. Continue reading

  • “Grief Requires Witnessing”

    “Grief Requires Witnessing”

    If it were not for grief, I may still be sleepwalking through life as a public school teacher, killing my own potential for growth. In such an environment, conformity is the main goal , not growth. I had a hard time honoring my grandparents at my job, although my grandfather died while I was at… Continue reading

  • Thank You.

    Thank You.

    If you’re reading this… Thank You. Have a great day. Ignore negativity. Drown FEAR. While grief seems to be drowning me, I find my breath in giving. May you find yours, Thank you. Continue reading

  • Give.


    Have you ever seen someone in need and asked yourself, what can I give? Or contrary, saw no one in need but still pondered the same thought. To give, feels good. It does not matter who you pray to or what you share. We all appreciate the feeling of helping others. To give, is to… Continue reading

  • Explaining The Unexplainable

    Explaining The Unexplainable

    I have, so many times, failed to be prepared to give an answer for my faith. It has been questioned even more after leaving my last career and still maintaining my standard of life. The YouVersion Bible App says, “The most powerful way to share your faith is to simply share what God has done… Continue reading

  • So, You’ve Finished Grief Counseling? “Are you cured”?

    So, You’ve Finished Grief Counseling? “Are you cured”?

    Perhaps, you haven’t started yet but want to know if it really works. Is it a cure? How much money did it cost? Would you go back? I’ve finished grief counseling, 7 months of it. I will share my experience through the journey and in my current place of reflection. After losing my Momo, I… Continue reading

  • Attachments


    Short and Sweet: Anyone else feeling a few, weights, from their past? I know its a “new” year, but attachments may not always expire. As we seek to move forward, those attachments can pop up at the most distracting times. Relationships We grow with and apart from others, sometimes with resolution and sometimes without. As… Continue reading

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