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  • “Wisdom” by Rene’ Zeno-Derry

    “Wisdom” by Rene’ Zeno-Derry

    An amazing featured blog from Rene’ Zeno Derry. Thank you for reading, supporting and now, contributing to! – Bri What does it mean to be wise? People often equate wisdom with intelligence or being knowledgeable; but all too often, it becomes apparent that being intelligent and being wise are quite different things. The world… Continue reading

  • The Rewards of Self-Investment

    The Rewards of Self-Investment

    Good Morning or Afternoon, BreeziDeezi readers, entrepreneurs and students! BreeziDeezi is a play on my birth name but it is also an approach to life, career, passions and the pursuit thereof. I am writing this blog from a familiar campus, where I have returned in a new and completely exciting role! The job offer was… Continue reading

  • Side Hustle Saturday Ch.12 – FREE Perks $

    Side Hustle Saturday Ch.12 – FREE Perks $

    “Crazy” Coupon ladies get a bad rep, but in reality, they are #SideHustleSaturday Q u e e n s ! For this chapter of Side Hustle Saturday, I’ll share a few perks you should absolutely sign up for, to save yourself, time, money and possibly increased insurance rates. It’s all free, too. 😉 Sprint /… Continue reading

  • Up and DOWN.

    Up and DOWN.

    It’s a Sunday night, I am watching an HBO max documentary on cults, a particularly interesting topic to me. A beautiful woman explicates just how she fell into the cult that ultimately ruined her life. “When I had a good job, I was up. When a relationship ended, I was down. I went through this… Continue reading

  • What are you spending too much time on lately?

    What are you spending too much time on lately?

    The summertime doesn’t last forever. While rest is conducive to healing, traveling provides experiences and working now manifests in your future – balance must be sought to truly avoid stagnation. I am not here to tell you that you’re wasting time, time is subjective. Have you considered your objectives, however? Too Much! Sleeping. My faith… Continue reading

  • Blind-spots.


    Strategic vision encompasses the end goal, work required to reach it and acceptance of present challenges. It is who you or what your will business is to become in “the tomorrow”. Lack of strategic vision can present as: “lets grow as big as we can get”. This almost always causes implosion. In whatever you are… Continue reading

  • Side Hustle Saturday : Ch. 11 – Crowdtap

    Side Hustle Saturday : Ch. 11 – Crowdtap

    What do you have in your Amazon cart? Whether it’s an impulse buy you stopped yourself from going through with, or an item you’re saving up for – The return of Side Hustle Saturday is focused on Crowdtap! A gift-card earning platform that grosses me at least $50 a month in Amazon gift cards. You… Continue reading

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Fluent in American Sign Language and constantly learning, Briana has served as an Academic Advisor, Public Educator, Digital Media Manager, and Mayor’s Intern. She loves to help people with their academic progress by assisting with writing. 

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