Pathways (What’s going on with BreeziDeezi™ ?)

I realize – and want others to realize – that starting on one path doesn’t mean you can not explore others. If the freeway becomes congested, try the feeder road. BreeziDeezi™ is a path I created for myself at a time when I felt cornered with no way out. I’d just left a career thatContinue reading “Pathways (What’s going on with BreeziDeezi™ ?)”

Side Hustle Saturday Week 9

What side hustle could Y O U do that would immediately make you a published creator and generate income? Blogging. This side hustle is great for self-growth. When I started , I had to spend hours upon hours developing technology skills that I employ for myself and sell to others. Additionally, creating a blogContinue reading “Side Hustle Saturday Week 9”

Things To Be Proud Of Yourself For

Humanity is a flawed creation that tires , seeps into emotional fog and much more. You may be already doing these things but have not yet praised yourself for it: Seeking. You want more for yourself, better for your family. You seek help through therapy or supportive friends. You seek better job opportunities, even ifContinue reading “Things To Be Proud Of Yourself For”