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Short and Sweet: Anyone else feeling a few, weights, from their past? As we seek to move forward, those attachments can pop up at the most distracting times.

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Yes, we stake ownership over everything, material and abstract. “That’s my car, That’s my wife, that’s my business…” Is it really? Perhaps, you are being allowed to use these things by Christ/The Most High/Creator/Our Father. With that mindset, you cherish all possessions in your life because you know you do not own them. Close your eyes and think of something that cost you a lot of time or money. Your business? Your degree? While working to obtain that possession, you knew you did not have already own it. Your attachment lied in completing the goal to obtain the reward. What reward is better than not being attached to…


We grow with and apart from others, sometimes with resolution and sometimes without. As I reflect on people that have all but dropped from my life, my attachment lies in feeling as though I am being punished for something I may have said or done. Truthfully, humans are too attached to their…


The biggest attachment of all and, as you can see, the common denominator, is FEAR. We fear bad breakups, friendships, job loss, death, and loss of the possessions we work so hard to obtain. It is FEAR that keeps many people in a cycle of insanity. It was FEAR, that led me to this career and kept me there for two years. Ask yourself, in your choices, are you attached to fear or the source?


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    Hendrina Nkuta

    You are such a talented writer

    1. Thank you so very much 🙂


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