Side Hustle Saturday – Ch. 5- $ Amazon Mechanical Turk $

The only thing I am here to sale you today, is free game…


In this post, “Breezideezi” Ways to Make Money Online , I shared my top ways to earn online everyday. My most reliable platform, for years, has been Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Today, I want to give you some free game that will “work if you work it” , regarding Mturk.

A FREE, google-chrome extension, made solely for finding and saving high-paying jobs named MTurk suite.

This google chrome extension enhances Mechanical Turk to increase your efficiency and earnings.

This extension is very helpful , especially if you follow these breezideezi tips , gathered through failure and much success!

Breezideezi is giving away money advice! Let me get in line!
  • Always keep HIT Finder and HIT Catcher running. HIT means Human Intelligence Tasks, things that bots can not do. The MTurk Suite extension has 4 tabs: Catcher, Suite, Tracker and Options. Finder will alert you of tasks as they come in and they will stay displayed so that you can go back and catch the task by clicking O for catch Once or P for Panda, which means to catch the task every single time the requester posts it. The task will then show up in your Catcher tab. Shown below in photos 1 and 2.
Photo 1: HIT Finder finds this task for me. I “catch” it by clicking either O or P
Photo 2: The task now shows in my HIT catcher tab. I click sound so that an audible ding or voice alerts me when there’s money to make!!!
  • HIT Catcher saves everything , it may be best to delete tasks you have already done or are not allowed to do more than once, otherwise your Catcher tab could look like mine.
EEK! but so many opportunities for money! I sometimes go back and click catch again to be surprised that the requestor has just reposted the same or a new task that I am able to earn money from!
  • Once you catch the task, rename it. You can simply put the amount of money its worth to better organize.
I’ll be back for this one!
  • Know your worth and don’t settle for less! You can choose your minimum for tasks that come in through HIT Finder.
Price went up! Don’t send me anything less than $2!!

With just a little effort to familiarize yourself with these tools, and realistic expectations, you can make money on a daily basis. Stay fearless, Stay Breezideezi.


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  1. thank you breezideezi many people are selling to get us to spend money today but you are helping people this is awesome

    1. it’s my honor and pleasure! i always have felt as though life has been unnecessarily hard for me because of things I was never taught. I am beyond happy to share things I have spent hours to learn.

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    Well, I guess I am black EVERY FRIDAY 🙂 check this out – earns me an extra $200 a month!

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