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3 Things To Be Proud Of Yourself For

Reblog, Originally Written April 11, 2021.


Humanity is a flawed creation that tires and seeps into emotional fog. Yet, we are the most resilient. Even with our dedication, forgiveness, mistakes and regrets, we should never fail to recognize our growth.

Are you proud of … ?

  • Giving. It is a gift to give to others. Giving also creates a sense of belonging and gives you a sense of purpose. Giving is not always monetary. That time, that you sat with your friend for hours because they were severely depressed… The moment you decided to allocate a little more time in the office to help a coworker… In moments where you share time or resources, you are giving. This reminds me of my angel, Momo. She loved going to the grocery store and while I was in high-school living in my hometown, I loved to take her. On more than one occasion, she’d come bouncing out of the store with a cheerful exclamation of “someone paid for all of my stuff!” Never, did she say “I should have gotten more”, she was grateful for the help and the strangers that gave purely from their heart. No matter how you give, or how much, if you are a helping spirit, you should be proud of yourself.
My angel, My Rose. She was always giving. Cooking, helping her siblings with their taxes (lol), counseling me as I navigated undergrad hours away from her, putting the names of everyone in my huge family in a prayer box in her dedicated prayer room. SO many lessons on giving, came from her.
  • Seeking. You want more for yourself, better for your family. If you know aren’t content in your career, relationships, education and other life arenas, you are actively seek to change that. Intentional job searches , or perhaps, you seek help through therapy and supportive friends. In seeking, it is extremely important not to be comparative. No one, that truly loves you, is comparing themselves to you nor would they want you to compare your place in life to them. If you are accomplishing growth and development in your continued pursuit of better, in any life arena, you should be proud of yourself. Seeking better is a sign of resilience and an appreciation for life. Those that are not content and not seeking, have given up, in a sense. Please, keep seeking. Doors will open for you, I am an example of that.
  • Accomplishing. So, you didn’t cry today. Anxiety didn’t plague you. You dedicated time to your studies. You had a successful day at work (Work is like a cloud, that fills everyday, despite it raining the day before. A “successful day at work” is defined by you). You made it to that lunch with your friend, despite being busy. You received an interview or job offer. Hey, these are all accomplishments. From small to momentous, anything you accomplish, you should be proud of yourself for.

4 responses to “3 Things To Be Proud Of Yourself For”

  1. Susan Merz Anderson Avatar
    Susan Merz Anderson

    Brilliantly said! Short and to the point, love the black! Love you! Sending hugs and love, Susan!! xoxo

    Susan Merz Anderson 250-825-4321

    1. Susan, thank you so very much! You are an awesome support and coach . I miss your voice.

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