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We have created a mission to support people in their #academic and #career paths , discover their #purpose , and #monetize their #passions. We value: * Sharing what we have learned with others – teaching. * Learning from those willing to share, to avoid common pitfalls. * Connecting with ambitious people from all walks of life. * Encouraging others to take control of their life. If you’d like to support, you are more than appreciated! The next step is 501c3 status which requires more time, money, assistance and patience on behalf of the founder.


Briana Derry


The services provided are things I love to do and love to share. Every academic assistance, consultation and sign language lesson is done with love and from the source.

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In 2012, Briana graduated high school with honors, from a small and poor town. Her ambitions, and good grades, carried her to and through the University of Houston, graduating in 2017 with a BA in Communications and a minor in African American Studies, with a language concentration in American Sign Language.

After graduation, she embarked on a personal journey to find herself, staring with obtaining a Masters in Business Administration via Grand Canyon University. Very unsure of her direction, she worked in Oil and Gas, Insurance and eventually, teaching during grad school. It was this career, and time period, that sparked great change, pain and growth.

At the start of her teaching career, her grandmother, Rosalee Zeno was battling cancer. This took a great emotional and financial toll, but still, she pursued the goal of making her students happy.

Until she realized, the fear involved in everything she did.

Fear of losing her grandmother (3/17/2020), Fear of losing her job, (10/15/2020), Fear of what would happen to her grandfather as he started to decline (10/2/20)…

ALL of these fears manifested on the dates listed.

And one month later, BreeziDeezi : The Brand , The Blog and Mission, was born.


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