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3 Ways to Avoid Failure in Your Business *Video Included*

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I enjoy writing from a place of teaching. Without life’s lessons, there is no wisdom. If you have launched a business or aspire, I am excited to share 3 ways to avoid failure, based on the 3 main ways that I failed when launching in 2020.

Failure is subjective, however, success is universal. Through failure, I learned how v i t a l the following 3 components were, to success. Since implementing the 3 things I’ll share below, I’ve seen tremendous growth and monetization! It is my hope that you do too.

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3 Ways to Avoid Failure in Your Business (or Blog!)

1. SEEK TO LEARN, CONSTANTLY. Your business is a way to make money and a path to create financial freedom for yourself – yes. Most importantly, your business idea should be something you are truly passionate about. Would I write blogs and help people with their writing assignments even if I didn’t get paid for it? ABSOLUTELY. What would you do for free, because it comes natural to you and because you truly love it? Whatever this may be, seek to learn about the idea and the environment constantly. Passion does not equate to expertise. Who are your competitors? Is there a substitute available to what you are offering? What do you need to know more about to have a market advantage?


2. STAY CONSISTENT. Do you struggle with bursts of energy or creativity that never seem to last? You aren’t abnormal. Life happens to and around us, and it can be difficult to maintain a full tank. Regardless, the most important way to avoid failure in your business, or blog, is to stay consistent. Please, take heed of this anecdote:, copyright, trademark and s-corp were all launched in 2020, after I FLED my certified public educator position. I had little knowledge on SEO and blogging, and foolishly thought that a wordpress ad on each page would monetize. I made $0.50 my first month of launch… In 2021, I began to work in Academia and take on other serious life commitments and I put on pause for an entire year. I am beyond regretful at this. However, as of now, the site has had consistent posts, SEO optimization and other upgrades since June 2022 (5months). Yesterday alone, from ads, I made $3.80. I am not rich by f a r, but the example is that consistency breeds results.

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3. STRATEGIC VISION. “Have a plan, or plan to fail” – Benjamin Franklin, (remixed by me). You must plan for what you want and attempt to plan for the things you don’t anticipate. Do you want a brick-and-mortar location or e-commerce? Have you created a plan to save for a building or your own internet domain? In this blog, Blind Spots, I detail how we run into road-blocks because we failed to strategize for them. Don’t let this be you. Have a strategic vision, google a business plan template, practice SWOT analysis, enlist a mentor – do whatever it takes. Need advice on where to start? I am offering free consultations until October 31st, 2022 – email

Failures are great lessons, and I have been honored to share my business failures with you in hopes of providing an applicable lesson. Businesses fail, it is inevitable but not irrevocable. As always, comment below if you’d like to add a strategy to my list, write a featured blog or just share your thoughts! If you need assistance with writing, click here. All the best to you.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Good information and helpful. I needed this!♥️

    1. Would you add anything to the list? Thanks for reading, and I hope you like the website upgrades!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.


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