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3 Tips To Beat Anxiety

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I’m under the impression that some people have anxiety, and some simply experience it. Still, when it happens, you feel it physically and beyond. Anxiety can disrupt your every day life, confidence and career.

Here are my tested, tried, and true ways . (I saved the best tip for last).


#1. Identify and Throw Away soggy leftovers.

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  • You can’t reheat chipotle too much, it becomes soggy and gross. Consider the same for the those thoughts that “pop up” at night and drown you, keep you from sleeping. Those thoughts are leftovers, suppressed from earlier in the day when you were too occupied to digest them. Realize that you’re chomping on soggy leftovers, and adjust your thinking to be positive through thoughts, affirmations or:

#2. Wear. Yourself. Out.

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  • If you work-out regularly, or if you are just considering starting, it will truly help you sleep at night. Just start. Wear yourself out! Studies support that physical exertion is conducive to deeper, more restorative sleep. “The good news: People who engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise may see a difference in sleep quality that same night. “It’s generally not going to take months or years to see a benefit. And patients don’t need to feel like they have to train for the Boston Marathon to become a better sleeper.” –

#3 (My favorite) : Gratitude Lists

  • While laying down, if the thoughts/ night-anxiety begin… start to recite all that you are grateful for in your mind. (You can also type this on your iphone, but staying away from blue light is probably best.)
!Disclaimer! Scrolling social media will NOT help you sleep…
  • I usually turn off all lights, ask Alexa to play rain sounds, close my eyes and begin to recite in my head: “As I fall asleep peacefully, I am grateful for: *list blessings here* – no matter how big or small, go over every thing and person you are grateful for. You’ll be asleep in no time!

Which is your favorite? What would you add to this list? I appreciate you so much for reading and commenting!

Read this relevant blog on gratitude.

Try it, and comment below if it worked for you!


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3 responses to “3 Tips To Beat Anxiety”

  1. I love this! I agree with all the points, but something I need to work on is gratitude. There are so many things to be thankful for, but when life seems repetitive and without any excitement, our eyes can be blinded, resulting in discontent. Listing them (I really like writing them down with a pen and paper) really works. Thanks so much for sharing, Bri!

    1. Thanks for reading beautiful 🙂 My therapist suggested this, I’m simply passing it along!! I have more work to do too

  2. […] It helps me to asses why I lack creativity; often it is because I am overwhelmed in other ways (anxiety). Do you self-reward too much? Those mid-day glasses of wine while working from home surely can […]


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