Holiday Self Care

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I am not here to convince you to love the holiday season, it can be a truly difficult time. Instead, this blog offers 4 easy holiday self-care tips for everyone ranging from the grinch to the people-pleaser. 🙂

4 Easy Holiday Self Care Tips

  • Know and Respect Your Boundaries.

Your family loves you, but they may be a bit demanding, too. It happens. The holidays are often accompanied by a long list of obligations, errands and events. You can practice self-care this Thanksgiving holiday with firm “yes”s and even firmer “no”s. If you are the people pleaser of the family, it is okay to deny someone a favor because you’d rather have another plate of food or take a nap!

You must know, set and honor your boundaries – especially with family, or no one else will.

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  • Set Reasonable Expectations

The holiday season is often the first time you’ll see certain family in a while, so you can expect some probing questions. If you’re like me , and this makes you uncomfortable, prepare you responses early.

Be short, but sweet. Set the reasonable expectation to focus on your family, not work, or when you will get married. Likewise, you can anticipate patterns of behavior from family, such as the aunt that always has too much to drink, or the cousin that always needs a ride to the store once you’ve had your 6th glass of wine. Set the expectation that you will not be available for errands or to babysit any children, or adults. You’re there to enjoy your family, that is the main expectation.

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  • Avoid Known Triggers

Triggers can not always be avoided. The very thanksgiving holiday may be a trigger or you. You can avoid known triggers by limiting your time around people that make you feel uncomfortable or by minimizing how much time you and your family spend talking about loved ones who are no longer there.

  • Find Ways to Give Back

What ways can you give back this holiday? You can find plenty of ways! Bringing the dessert, complimenting the chef, spending individual time with a family member that you don’t see often.

Studies show that we tend to spend less time with family as we age, due to career, starting our own families and relocating. Thanksgiving is a time for you to give back to your family in the most precious way – the gift of time.


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