No Loan Forgiveness?

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Have we been forsaken of loan forgiveness? Many people are horrified at the message that now displays on the federal student aid website :


The words “Student debt relief is blocked” are displayed as a defeating banner, after months of promises and even priority applications.

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I hate to be a cynic, but are we really surprised that our Corporation, I mean Country, would want every penny?

In Schoolology Chapter 2, I encouraged readers to apply ASAP and even presented qualification details.

Now, does none of this matter? Have we been forsaken?!

All hope is not lost, and you should still apply if and when, new applications are accepted. Here’s Why:

Therefore, loan forgiveness is now a waiting game. If you took our advice and applied early, you are likely already approved and awaiting the reversal of the court for disbursement.

If you have not yet applied, I will provide an update immediately upon notification that applications are being accepted. Trust me, I am keeping a close eye on loan forgiveness.

As with many things in life, loan forgiveness is now a test of patience. A test we can pass.

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2 responses to “No Loan Forgiveness?”

  1. welp, Anthony ONeal was right, he said not to trust that this program will go through :/

    1. I encourage you to not lose hope, check the news and the blog for updates. We can’t lose hope, we need this too much as a SOCIETY. Stay encouraged !

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